Practice Areas

Collison & Collison maintains their focus in the following practice areas:

Appellate Proceedings

Our attorneys are trained to handle a case from beginning to end, inclusive of appellate review. Members of our firm have appeared before the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. Furthermore, members of our firm are certified to practice before all Michigan State Courts, the United States of America Eastern and Western District Courts, the United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States. Please see our Appellate Practice page for a list of our Appellate opinions.

Automobile Liability/Michigan No-Fault

We handle all aspects of first-party no-fault claims beginning with our initial evaluation of whether basic necessary elements are present to initiate a claim, all the way through trial proceedings. Further, over the years our firm has developed an array of experts to be used during trials, ranging in specialties from medical evaluations to economics.

Contracts Law

Our attorneys are experts in interpreting and litigating contracts of all types. Over our firm’s 50-year history, we have dealt with contract matters concerning both the private and public sectors. From large complex corporate contracts, to contracts affecting small businesses and private individuals, Collison & Collison is equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle all contract litigation.

Municipal Litigation

Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of governmental liability. Oftentimes issues involving governmental liability may be “mixed” with other areas of practice such as personal injury. Our firm prides itself in providing a client with a comprehensive evaluation of a case which may involve numerous issues and areas of law.

Liquor Liability/Dramshop

We have a long history of successfully litigating cases involving liquor liability whether it be Social Host claims or Dramshop liability. Our firm has access to a number of expert witnesses and investigators to insure your claim is handled professionally and efficiently.

Environmental Law

Our firm is experienced in handling cases involving environmental law. Several of our attorneys belong to the Michigan State Bar “Environmental Section.” Further, we receive various regular updates concerning changes in the law and pertinent case holdings. This is done in an effort to remain aware of developments in this growing field of law.

Insurance Law

Collison & Collison, P.C. has over 150 combined years, and three generations, of practice in representing insurance companies and their insureds. Our practice is specific to the insurance industry and includes legal opinions, declaratory judgment actions, resolution of coverage issues and related topics. Our clientele includes most major Michigan insurers as well as many of the smaller companies.

Personal injury litigation

Our staff of highly trained trial attorneys is equipped to handle any personal injury claim, from a broken leg to a broken neck. In addition to our own expertise, we have developed a network of independent medical examiners actively engaged in the private practice of medicine. We make extensive use of demonstrative evidence including anatomical models and exhibits. We subscribe to a number of medical publications and services in order to continually update our knowledge of important medical concepts.

Premises Liability/Property Claims

Our attorneys have experienced a high level of success handling negligence claims stemming from alleged defects on our clients property. We have received favorable rulings and verdicts in matters involving injuries caused by a property owner’s alleged failure to maintain his property or to warn visitors of hazards, slip and fall cases, construction accidents that harm visitors, and assaults that occur because the property allegedly has inadequate security measures.

Over the past 50 years, we successfully litigated many claims involving fire loss, suspected arson, theft and other suspicious claims. We maintain close working relationships with a number of expert witnesses for assistance in cause and origin, reconstruction, and every other issue involving loss of tangible property.

Products Liability

Our trial team has a long history of success in litigating products liability cases. The issues involved in these cases have ranged from manufacturing, construction, and design defects as well as issues involving formulas, development of standards, preparation, processing, assembly, inspection and testing of allegedly defective products. We maintain a battery of highly qualified experts which have been developed for use in these types of cases.

Workers’ Compensation

We are experienced attorneys in the managing of workers’ compensation claims. Whether the matter involves a straightforward worker injury or an issue such as the assertion of a no-fault carrier’s lien, our attorneys are able to protect and promote the interests of our clients.